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The RC-2 is a  universal mount unit, for car underhood use. This unit operates directly from the 12 Volt car battery and may be left connected indefinitely without fear of draining the battery.  
Attaches easily with a magnetic mount that holds the unit securely in even the roughest driving conditions. Cable ties and installation instructions are included.  Leads are 6 foot length.
$44.95 +S&H

Fits under the terminal of a side terminal battery such as found on many GM cars.
Provides a way to easily connect to power.
Caution: if anything other than the rid-a-rat RC-2 is connected to this device, insure that it is properly fused! This is a single tap to be used on the positive terminal. Ground or negative can usually be found on any nearby metal part of the car body.


$2.50 when ordered with any other product.
This unit uses its own battery pack, it does not connect to the automobile battery!

Same as the RC-2 except it is powered by 6 AA alkaline batteries.
This is intended for vehicles where 12Vdc is not easily available
 such as hybrids and some luxury vehicles. Powered by a battery
 pack of
6 AA batteries lasting 6 months. (Batteries not included)

$44.95 +S&H
All the above units RC-2 and RC-2B operate on 12 volts or the included battery pack.
It is not necessary to disconnect when driving the car!

 Email our engineering department, we love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Similar to all the above,  but in a slightly larger package with dual magnets for easy mounting.  Powered by
2 AA cells lasting 6 months! No external wires for aggressive rodents to attack.  Ideal for golf carts, ATVs, and cars!

Easy slide open
battery compartment
for battery replacement