Here are just a few comments that we have received:

  I had to write because it has been so long since I have been impressed with a product that I cannot remember.  In a sea of products that are crap, you have built a product that far surpasses my expectations in every way. You have found a simple and eloquent solution to this problem that is cheap and has saved me untold amounts in car repairs and hassle.  You do good work!

  Thanks for your quick and professional response. Rid-a-rat has been a great product. Prior to your unit I tried everything.

John  G.



No more chewed wires by the squirrels since installed about 6 weeks back. They were feasting every other day - and in between my almost daily repairs. Nothing like a few electronic fuel injection, oxygen sensor, and TDC wires chewed apart to wake you up when the car is cranked!


If 5 stars meant excellent, I would give it 5. Don't do what I did. I intentionally did not follow the instructions prior to installation. I wanted to see if this would work without de-scenting or cleaning just to give it a bit of a challenge. It works great.

I'm in a heavy cactus (Cholla and Pear) environment on 5 acres. Lots of those cute Woodrats (packrats), $2500 packrats

I installed on 3 vehicles. I cut the battery pack off, crimped on terminals and hardwired to the vehicle battery. I placed the units so that I was sure the flash would light up the most expensive areas to damage as well as areas where they had partied before.

The big damage to the Explorer came from the nest in the spare tire compartment under the vehicle. That was their condo for the rest of the vehicle. The spare is now carried inside. To keep it underside, I would suggest a second Rid-a-Rat unit by the spare. It's been over a month now and not a trace of those critters under or in the engine compartment.


ByAlida L.

After spending $3000 to repair damage to our SUV from pack rats, I learned everything I could about prevention. And although Rid-a-Rat sounded almost too good to be true, after a series of emails with the owner/manufacturer, I decided to give it a try. And I am so happy I did! After six months there has been not one single sign of a re-invasion!


Well, so far so good as far as I can tell!!
I'm using the product in Florida because when I took my car in for a oil change & tire rotation that found a "rodent nest" under the motor mount.
Pretty sure it had to be squirrels as we have hundreds of those in our yard but I have never seen any rats in the yard.
So I'm using the Rid-a-Rat plus putting both Bounce fabric softener sheets and cotton balls sprinkled with pure peppermint oil under my hood.
So far, knock on wood, the nest builders seem to be staying away!!


ByEd E

Order was placed on Friday and I received it on Monday.
It took a whole 2 minutes to install, now I can only pray that it works.
Squirrels love to nest in my engine and costs have been from $100 to $800 for repairs. I have already dealt with my 2nd this year so pray that this works. They only way to know is if nothing happens. If it does happen again, I will change my review, but the theory is solid so it should be fine.

It has been over a year and no squirrel nest. February is when it has happened in the past, and it is now near the end of March and no nest! I could not be more pleased.

I just wanted to let you know that I left a 5-star review on Amazon. You have created a really great product. I have bought three of them. I just wish I had found it several hundred dollars earlier. Thanks.Craig


Chuck,Hey brother, I spoke with you about November of last year about an absolutely rampant psycho pack rat problem I had. I can't use Warfarin related type poisons because I lost a truly great hunting dog (worth thousands of dollars) because she got into poison that a rat moved or a rat that was poisoned. She died a horrible death. I spent another $3500 to save her and she still passed away.
That's when I found you guys... out of true desperation. I thought I had taken a picture of the damage this thing did to my truck's engine compartment. It stripped my wife's garden to make a nest. I even used Rat rated glue plates. It just built on top of them.I bought your device. Then I cleaned the engine out to force the rat to rebuild. I installed the RC-2 right after I cleaned out the engine compartment.The Rat NEVER rebuilt in that engine compartment.THANK YOU CHUCK!!!!!!
I'm going to speak to the folks at my local feed store in the county and tell them what the RC-2 did for me. I hope they will carry them. If not, I'll just order them through you guys. I'm going to buy two more for my other two vehicles before next winter.Thanks again Rid-A-Rat !!!!!!


The product is fantastic! 2 years of use and no rodent damage in either of my trucks.
Joe N.   New River, AZ

Just a note to report I have had NO pack rats inside the engine bay.
So well done and thank you again
John H.  Tucson AZ


We live in the Southern Arizona desert in a home with a carport, so there is literally no protection from packrat invasions. And, indeed, they have invaded three of our vehicles multi-times over the years, costing us hundreds of dollars in repairs. One built a nest under the hood which, while we were driving, was dislodged onto the hot manifold resulting in a fire. The other vehicles were victims of chewing - insulation and wiring mainly, but even damaging gear-shifting sensors in one case.
We tried all the home remedies: mothballs in cheesecloth under the hood (yeah, that produced a lovely "bouquet" when the a/c was turned on). Perfumed bath soap on the concrete under the engine. Leaving the hood up with an all-night light shining. None worked.
When we came across a Rid-A-Rat at our local Ace Hardware, I have to tell you I was pretty skeptical when I looked at this little gadget. Still, it was worth a try - and am I ever glad we tried it! I have nothing but praise for this little device. It's now been over 4 months and there hasn't been a single sign of a rat under the hood. This doo-hickey really, really works! And we've been happy to spread the news about it to other folks who have been battling packrats.
Thank you for producing the only thing we've found to rid our car of packrats. It's a real winner!
Tom M, Tucson, Arizona

Mickey & Chuck,
We have been using the Rid-A-Rat modules here at the Cave Creek Ranger Station for about two years. Prior to using the units we had Forest Service and personal vehicles that were damaged to varying degrees by rats and/or mice. Areas we park vehicles and equipment are very near native upper Sonoran desert which provides suitable habitat for rats and mice. It is not feasible for the Forest Service to remove the adjacent habitat so the rat and mice situation has been an ongoing battle. We have trapped mice and rats in the past but have never been able to significantly reduce the population to the extent necessary to reduce rat and mice damage. Doing so was not a reasonable solution, and attempting to trap over the long term was not viable, especially with reduced staffing.
Since we have been using the Rid-A Rat units (both RC-2 & RC-2B) we have had no damage to vehicles or equipment. It appears that the units provide protection necessary to essentially eliminate rat and mice damage to vehicles and equipment. Installing the units is quick and easy, and rats and mice can continue to live in the area and no longer damage vehicles or equipment. Thanks for the awesome product.
Todd, U.S. Forest Service


We have a 25 acre ranch in Prescott Valley and have experienced rodent problems (pack rats, mice & rabbits) chewing wires in our motorhome and well house. We installed a Rid a Rat RC 2 in our motorhome, permanently attached to the battery and installed a battery operated Rid a Rat RC3 in our well house.  They were installed in Jan 2013, to date we have not had a rodent problem.
Don, Arizona

    We have used the product over the winter here in C . . . ., TX, with great results. We have multiple critters, some of which had built nests and destroyed air filters in two vehicles prior to the installation of the Rid-A-Rat RC-2. We have had no further incursions by rats/mice in our 2008 Ford F150 which has had the product since last summer (2011) and recently the self contained model (RC-2B) was installed into our Toyota Camry Hybrid with equally impressive results. The only problem I have had was my wife woke me up at 12:30am one morning to let me know there was an intermittent flash emitting from under the hood of the Camry.
John S.  Texas
  I installed two units in my van which sits idle for weeks at a stretch.  Before I used poison bait, and had to replace it every week. With the rid-a-rats installed, there has been no further indications of pack rat nesting or damage.
Ron W. Arizona
  Hey Chuck, since we installed those units in my Mercedes there has been no further pack rat damage. Now I'd like to install two units in my wife's car for preventative measure, can you help me with that?

[Good to hear from you Richard,  give us a call and we can help with installation here at the office]
Richard H. Arizona


I installed a Rid-A-Rat in my Toyota after the rats ate half the insulation off the fire wall. Have not seen a sign of rats since. The rats also ate the vacuum line on my motor coach but had nowhere to connect another unit so I attached your battery unit to 4 powerful magnets. Placing this in the generator compartment, full of juicy wires and hoses, have not seen any traces of the pesky ??.

Thank you,
Patrick,  Arizona



8 months and counting. Not a sign of any rat activity. My engines clean as a whistle.

I put some of your literature on our community bulletin board.

Thanks again--what a great product.
Don, New Mexico


I thought about your rid-a-rat yesterday 'cos a good friend had a rat problem with her car which is usually parked outside her house. It cost her $500 for the repair. I have good luck with your rid-a-rat in my van which is parked in a natural area outside my house. 2 years after I put it in, everything under the hood is A-OK. No rat problems as I had before. I will ask my friend to buy one of your rid-a-rats, it WORKS. Good invention, Chuck.
Vivien, California


Additional comments from one of our customers:

  " I saw a large pack rat running through my courtyard, so I started using a hav-a-hart live trap. To my surprise I have trapped over ten of them in just the last month! I wonder how many others there are I haven't seen!"

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