Are pack rats eating wires in your car and building nests in your engine?
Stop pack rat engine damage now, install the Rid-a-rat unit and end problems
with your check engine light coming on due to damage by rats and other rodents.

If your car won't start due to rats nests or wiring damage, the rid-a-rat will help you avoid this problem and it is a safe and effective solution!
Sends 'em Packing! TM

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No more costly repair bills, and dirty messes in your engine compartment.

This is not a sonic device, it uses LED light technology which causes the rat's iris to contract and expand repeatedly causing eye fatigue, disorientation and nausea, which encourages the rat to find a new territory. No need to worry about draining the car battery, it uses less current than the digital clock or other phantom draws from the car battery !

Poison can be used to eradicate these invaders, but that has two undesirable effects.

First, their predators, such as owls and hawks, may be poisoned in the process. That is both ecologically and environmentally unsound and self defeating  Secondly, if their nest is left undisturbed, others will move in and take possession of their abandoned home.

The best cure is to discourage them from nesting right from the beginning, and that is what the Rid-A-Rat unit is designed to do!

Know thine enemy:

Pack rats, commonly know as Wood Rats, are prevalent in the western states and have caused millions of dollars worth of damage to homes, barns, and vehicles.

There are presently 21 living species of Wood rats occurring in a very wide range of habitats, from the edge of the Arctic Circle all the  way to the tropics of Nicaragua. They occur throughout western Canada,  most of the U.S., Mexico and Central America and they have a strong presence in Australia as well.  Eight of these species reside in the United States and of those eight, five are in the state of Arizona. 

 How do you tell a "city rat", or Old World rat, from a packrat?  Packrats' tails are not naked and scaly like a city rat. Packrats have  very long whiskers and a whitish or light colored neck and breast area. Yes, they may be very "cute" but that cuteness disappears quickly when you open the hood of your car and find that they have built a nest on your intake manifold.

Pack rats are nocturnal creatures that build large nests out of sticks, twigs, cactus spines and any other material they find handy. Pack rats will build nests inside barns, cabins, garages or even parked cars. Once inside cars, primarily the engine compartment, they chew on the wire insulation and create potential shorts and broken wiring. They also can cause damage to vacuum hoses and windshield washer hoses. This can be very costly to repair, running in the thousands of dollars up to having the car completely totaled.

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